Backstories of the Palm Springs Windmills

This book tells some of the backstories of the Palm Springs windmills, from the California Wind Rush of the 1980s through the present. It also explains the evolution of the wind industry by exploring failed and successful wind turbine designs and discussing the essential aspects to help us understand their function as we appreciate their beauty.

Palm Springs Windmill Tours

We have built visitor experiences for Palm Springs Windmill Tours for nearly three years. Guests now enjoy videos and wall displays that explain energy production and use in California and the history of wind electricity generation.

We recently completed a refresh of outdoor historical museum exhibits and are excited to be now planning a Renewable Energy Museum for the Palm Springs area.

Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking

Your guide to improving personal performance and being valued at work while working from home.

Thomas Spiglanin, Ph.D.
Ansera Solutions

La Quinta, CA