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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to focus on communication skills?

“Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” ~ Jay Danzie

Interpersonal communication is the key to how you leave others feeling. Improving your communication skills directly enhances how others feel after their experiences with you. Make the most out of your personal and organizational “trademark” by focusing on your communication skills now, before it’s too late.

Which Solution is right for me?

Business needs vary, but generally organizations with 5 or more people who need training may benefit from our on-site or live online group solutions. Choose from our existing programs in messaging for success, team-building, or electronic communications, or contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your unique needs and how we might help.

Individuals or small teams should look to our licensed electronic products or scheduled online workshops or seminars to learn about and improve interpersonal skills in the workplace or in business.

I am a "digital native." What do I need to learn about the digital era?

First, the term “digital native” is odd, because digital communication is really secondary to all of us. Here, the idea is that a digital native more or less grew up with technology. However, technology continues to advance, and who says those of us born at an earler date can’t pick up the latest technology?

That said, it’s not so much that any of us need to understand how to use workplace/business technologies, rather, it’s how to use those technologies effectively. Most of us don’t fully appreciate that as we encouter communication challenges in our day-to-day lives. People misunderstand our text message, or our email. We all communicate with our own biases, and we need to understand the biases of others to best craft messages across digital media.

Too often we take our medium of choice for granted, whether it’s text messaging, email, or instant messaging. We have personal assumptions about how others will interpret and understand our messages, but we are often wrong and confusion, conflict, and valuable time is lost.

I manage a diverse team and there is significant discord. Can you help?

Of course it depends, but often team discord and dissatisfaction with management is rooted in communication challenges. Words like, “transparency,” have one meaning to those wanting to be transparent and a completely different meaning to those seeking to understand the actions and decisions of their leaders.

We may be able to help, but the only way we can get started is with a no-obligation consultation. Please contact us today.

Do You Work With Established Companies?

Yes. Ansera cut its teeth in the aerospace industry by helping engineers better communicate complex ideas to key decision-makers. Established organizations often need training from an outside entity with this kind of credibility and proven track record of making the kind of difference C-level executives notice.

In the workplace, teams form and companies reorganize. Changes often bring communication challenges to the surface. This is our wheelhouse, and we can almost certainly help your newly formed teams perform better, faster than letting small challenges grow into performance-impeding problems.

Do You work with small businesses and start-ups?

Of course! What better way to improve the performance of your small business or get your start-up off on the right foot than address interpersonal communication from the start? We can work with your company to help refine your key messages and bring your growing staff along in the process. 

Communicating well across all media, from email to social media to phone calls to sales pitches, interpersonal communication is your key to success, and we are here to help!

Do you offer consulting services?

We are happy to offer evaluative consulting services to organizations to identify workplace communication challenges and identify solutions to address them. Cost-effective services can be provided off-site, and on-site options are available as well.

Why is email so hard to read?

Have you ever written an email to your business associates with a ton of valuable information about a meeting and still they ask, “What time is the meeting?”, “Where is the meeting?” “What are we meeting about” or “I don’t understand what this is about”?

We’ve all been there at some point and puzzled, “Why don’t people read or remember my emails?” After spending hours writing out details to everyone on the distribution list what they need to know, nobody seems to have read it. Then the calls pour in asking questions that are clearly ALL addressed in the email.


Thomas Spiglanin, Ph.D.

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