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Ansera provides solutions to the challenges presented by today’s digital workplace. More than ever, that means learning to be a successful  teleworker.

Millions of people now telework, whether they like it or not. Most have never done it as a primary means for working.

Whether we look forward to returning to work, want to continue teleworking full-time, or hope to more forward splitting time between home and office, almost everyone is still challenged to stay relevant and grow in value while out of sight most of the time.

“The best solution is useless if it can’t be explained to the decision-maker!”

Meet Tom

Dr. Thomas Spiglanin has been helping people be more effective in the workplace and in business for more than thirty years. As a teleworker himself, he understands how effective communication, collaboration, and other interpersonal skills underpin success in an environment where coworkers, managers, and leaders never see workers who are not physically present in the workplace.

Working predominantly with professional (and often technical) staff for over thirty years, he saw first hand the value of effective communication and other interpersonal skills. When an individual reaches the pinnacle of their technical career, Tom knows what usually limits further growth is being able to communicate complex concepts in ways that others can understand and make sense of.

As digital media including email, instant messaging, social media, and both audio and video technologies enable distanced business communication, Tom sees a steady decline in the very interpersonal skills needed to be effective using those tools.

At best, the skill deficit adds tension in the modern workplace. At its worst, it results in a complete breakdown in communication, fostering mistrust and destroying efficiency. Communication has always been key to business success, but it has become even more important in this digital era.

People need help. They need re-learn how to communicate effectively in the digitally heterogeneous workplace. They need to choose the right medium for their message, and do so instinctively. They need to use each communication channel for what it does best and to move seamlessly across vast choices for maximum effectiveness. This is where Ansera comes in, with solutions to these and other challenges.


Qualifications & Awards


  • Ph.D., Wesleyan University
  • B.S., University of California at Riverside
  • Certified Instructional Designer


  • 33 years experience in corporate
    education focusing on communication skills for technical staff
  • Frequent speaker at conferences, including the eLearning Guild and the Association for Talent Development


  • Recognized for innovative techniques in education and customer appreciation
  • Author of more than 20 refereed journal articles



Thomas Spiglanin, Ph.D.

Ansera Solutions



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