Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking

Strategies to Build Value and Stay Out of the Office

What's inside?

Strategies for everyone who wants to succeed while teleworking.


Teleworking can help us be more productive and more effective than working in an office, but we can easily be out of sight and out of mind. This guide describes what it takes to telework and how to succeed at staying out of the office, not not out of mind.


Areas of focus include:


  • An introduction to the digital workplace, that office-resident workers often take for granted, and what access looks like for many employers.


  • How to prepare for telework – technologically prepared, but also physically prepared with an appropriate workspace as well as mentally prepared to succeed in this exciting environment.
  • Tackling the complicated communication challenges of telework, notably how to avoid common pitfalls in audio meetings, video meetings, and written communication like email and instant messaging.


  • How to grow value at work while permanently or situationally out of the office, focusing on five speficic areas: working with others, organizational perspective, influence, leadership, and informal networking.
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