Choose from several videos offered by Palm Springs Windmill Tours. Enjoy the 5-minute video honoring the history of the Palm Springs Wind Farms, first established in 1982 just about a mile from our location.

How a wind turbine works

How Wind Turbines Work

Learn how wind turbines, effectively “wind robots,” work. A series of slides that address the most important features of the modern wind turbines that continually improve in efficiency, durability, and effectiveness.

Today's Electrical Grid

Learn about California’s electrical grid and how energy is produced to meet current and anticipated demand from this website maintained by CAISO, the California Independent System Operator. See the real-time power generation in the state and discover how sustainable energy solutions contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about wind turbines? This section offers answers to many questions asked frequently at Palm Springs Windmill Tours. We’ve grouped the questions into those about size, financial information, general facts and figures, and the environment.