Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking – Resources

This is an ever-evolving list of resources that augments our book, Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking. It was compiled from: (1) government and media sources in English that we judged to be largely unbiased and helpful for most teleworkers; (2) online training or help content offered by providers of common workplace software; and (3) services specifically designed to assist teleworkers at no cost (although the service providers may derive revenue from sponsors). Sources are indicated where appropriate.

Inclusion on this list implies neither recommendations nor endorsement by Ansera Solutions.

Many links will direct your browser to third-party websites. Be advised that content and links on these sites are beyond our control. We appreciate unbiased feedback and resource suggestions using our contact form.

The Digital Workplace

Collaboration Platforms and Office Suites

Preparing for Telework

The Space

The Technology

The Mindset

  • Work-Life for Government Employees (U.S. Government)

Building Value

The Future

The Future of Telework

Teleworking Job Resources