Teleworking Accessories

When teleworking, many of us spend hours (on average) more a day in front of our computers than do those working in the workplace. This page lists a few items for consideration that many of us have found useful. If you have accessories that you feel should be listed here, by all means drop us a note!

This page contains affiliate links to products, however we DO NOT receive a commission for purchases made through these links. We encourage anyone to find the best value for their needs.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As teleworkers, we spend more time in front of our computers than ever. These glasses provide subtle (or no) correction to make seeing our screens easier, but also block ultraviolet light from backlit displays to ease eye strain.

Lighting for Video Meetings

Simple lighting can enhance video for meetings, filling shadows when needed. We recommend cool LED panels that won’t make you sweat. Adjustable brightness helps, but color adjustment less so for cameras with auto white balance.

Microphone Accessories

Microphone accessories can improve the performance and utility of your high-quality microphone. Booms keep it off your desk but close by. Shock mounts and pop screens improve sound in different ways.

Pro tip: Boom arms can also mount many webcams or lights for amazing flexibility in home offices.


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